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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons [10 Feb 2007|09:18pm]

we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!
* love me *

[02 Dec 2004|03:24pm]

[ mood | can u help? ]

My livejournal is ok looking but theres stuff id like to do to it that i just dont know how....things like putting the dashed lines outside of each entry to seperate them because i hate how they kind of just run together ... and i like the pink but id like to add a picture in my background// if anyone can help im me on aim @ stephanne029.......and if u like my journal leave me some comments or add me :)

* love me *

hii [06 Feb 2004|10:11pm]

[ mood | calm ]

stopping by 2 say i'm alive. lol

* love me *

[29 Jul 2003|10:28pm]

My Friends-Page entries disappeared... Either that or I imagined my friends all together and there were no entries to begin with.. Very likely, but I think that it's the first one. Can someone please take a look and help? It'd be very much appreciated.
* love me *

[24 Jul 2003|03:40pm]

HELP! How do I change the font size and color of my userinfo. bio?
* love me *

IMPORTANT!!!!! [20 Jul 2003|01:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]


LoL .. some of those i actually use for myself .. and I mad them specially for other users ... i used the lips one and the "I am .. " one .. the others are used by all different users who requested them .... i mean if you want to use them i guess thats cool .. but if you want me to make you one so you don't have the same one as me or another user let me know :-) ... just thought i'd tell you

* love me *

Installment ... [20 Jul 2003|12:57pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Got some new icons .. well these are new and old .. ones I made for people .. its and accumulation of them all ... have a look

The whole bunch of Icons!Collapse )

If you want me to make you one let me know ...

* 1 xoxox * * love me *

Examples [18 Jul 2003|11:48am]

[ mood | bored ]

Some examples of icons I've been making for people ... wouldn't recomend using these cause theyre already taken ...
but if you would like me to make you one ... just let me know ...Later!

* love me *

[15 Jul 2003|12:10am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

My friend really really wants a livejournal, but no one I know has any more codes. I gave the only one I had to this girl, she doesn't even use it (figures). If anyone has an extra code and want to give it to me, I will really appreciate it. Thanks alot!


* love me *

layout request [04 Jun 2003|05:47pm]

could someone make me a simple layout that is aaliyah..i want a collage of pictures of her on one side like all grouped together, ya know like a collage and then could someone make me an animated icon with her in it. thanks
* love me *

[11 Mar 2003|05:19pm]

Hey sweetiepies =]

I know everyone has a life haha.. but if anyone has the time to help me with my nxt layout i'd love ya forevaa~!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help ;D mwahhh*

IM- cowgirlchic25
Email- cowgirlchic25@yahoo.com
* love me *

layout [08 Mar 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I really need help getting a code for the different kinds of ways that the web page can change when you click a link and the effects that it does...I just wanna see what all it can do then pick one and have someone make that code for me so if anyone could help then THANKS SO MUCH=) I will credit you too.

* love me *

HeLP me...PLeaSE?!?! [09 Feb 2003|07:25pm]

Hey can someone please help me with a layout, because all of you have these great graphics making skills, and i have none. I have all the pictures and the colors n everything but I just need some helping gettin it made n up. i would be so greatful!! thanks so much
<3 Jen,
Email: LiLxRaGDoLL@aol.com
* love me *

layout! [01 Feb 2003|11:15am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hii. i am in desperate need of a layout. i just want a simple one. i want it to be white and red and pink swirls and what not. dealing with valentines. i would also like red and pink hearts that glow all over the place. my e-mail adress is xoxerickaxox@aol.com. please someone help me! lol.. thanx in advance. <333

* love me *

[31 Jan 2003|04:42pm]

someone please help me .. nothing on the live journal is showing up! only the text box border. the words or the background wont show up. and i have no clue what so ever what to do. so can someone please help me. email me LLpreci0uzLL@aol.com
i can also give u my LJ screen name and PW if u need it. Thanx so much
<33 stephany
* love me *

[11 Jan 2003|12:59am]

heyy i know im asking a lot. lol can someone help me with a couple of override codes?? i have everything i just need a couple and need help with the ones i have. thanks!!!

* love me *

pleaseeee [10 Jan 2003|11:16pm]

ok pleasee. no one ever responds to mee. this is VERY VERY simple. i promisee. all i want is a white background with ashlee in baby blue and cursive font going diagonal on the background and i want the textbox on the right side with a dashed baby blue border and baby blue text. and for the comment links i want the comment link to say can you resist? and the comments listed to say want me. and a baby blue blinking star in between them. do you understand? lol. if not email me at piinkco0latta@aol.com or just comment. if you do this i give you fulll credit! and thanks a bunchhh!!

* 12 xoxox * * love me *

[09 Jan 2003|07:09pm]

hiee can someone make me a layout. i want the textbox to be on the right with the dashed border baby blue. and the text to be baby blue but for the background to be ashlee in cursive baby blue diagonal. can anyone do that??? if soo that would be awesomeeee. ill give you fulll creditt. thanksss
* love me *

[04 Jan 2003|04:39am]

hey can someone please help me? I have a layout made, i just cant work the overrides, if you help me i'll give you credit, and i'll be so grateful!!
* 8 xoxox * * love me *

ok [02 Jan 2003|05:55pm]

could someone make me a simple layout that goes with my lj icon..i want it to be the same color scheme as the stars in my icon and her shirt...i also need an override code so my journal can be set in the middle of the screen not straight across. HELP PLEASE.
* 5 xoxox * * love me *

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